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Por Orden Alfabético


1, 2, 3 – Love You More Today

Al Onzo – Tango Japan

Alan Ross – Valentino Mon Amour

Alba – Only Music Survives

Albert One – Lover Boy

Alex Molo – Look At Me

Alexander Robotnick – C’est La Vie

Amanda Lear – Thank You

Ameli – New Romantic

Amin Peck – Running Straight

Angel – I Need You Because

Angelita’s Boys – Angelita’s Eyes

Angie Care – Your Mind

Anneclaire – All Summer Night

Anneclaire – I Want

Antonella – El Diablo

Antonella – Supersonic Level

Argentina – Let’s Play Sexy Games

Art Of Love – Looking Through The Night

Atellier Folie – No Rhyme No Reason

Atlantis Star – The Loving Kind

Avantgarde – You Never Dance With Me

Avenida 29 – It’s Pizza Time

Aventura – Di Mi Quando

B. Rose – Hey DJ (Give Me A Lot Of Music)

Bagarre – No Toys

Baltimora – Tarzan Boy

Baltimora – Woody Boogie

Bandolero – Paris Latino

Baratta – Valentino

Bernie Paul – Attenzione (Go Go Radio)

Betty Miranda – Take Me To The Top

Between The Shetts – Congo

Big Ben Tribe – Tarzan Loves The Summer Nights

Bob Robert – Storm In A Teacup

Body Power – Nothing

Boney M & Baby’s Gang – Happy Song

Brian Ice – Tokyo

Burlaband – Carnival

Camomilla – Queen Of The Night

Canton – Sonnambulismo

Captain Hook – Cannibal Isle

Careen Connection – Psychodelic Terror

Carrara – S.O.S. Bandido

Casablanca – Hot Nights In Ibiza

Casanova – Tutti Quanti

Casco – Cybernetic Love

Chantal – Ladies Night

Chip Chip – No More Tears

Chiquitas – Dance The Rhumba

Chris Lang – Disco Island

Chris Luis – The Heart Of The City

Chris Taylor – Into Your Eyes

Ciao Fellini – Noche A Bahia

Clad – Summer Nights

Claude Sarra – Music’s Playing For You

Clio – Eyes

Clio – Faces

Connie Hayland – Girl Dream

Connie Hayland – Lovers Forever

Copyright – Boomerang Tonight

Cresty – Baby My Love

Cruz – Just For You

Crysalis – Down To Africa

Cube – Concert Boy

DJ Look – Capita

Dan Eller – Play Time

Dance Club – Papaya

Daniela Poggi – Cielo

Danny Keith – Keep On Music

Danuta – Whenever You Go

David Walker – Lucky Christmas

De Dion – Sexy Cola

Deblanc – Mon Amour

De Blanche – Numbers

De Niro – Italian Boy

Dee Fecto – Like Sombreros

Degan – Longing For Summertime

Del Faro – Bandiera La Playa Del Sol

Den Harrow – Catch The Fox

Den Ryder – It’s Hard To Say Goodbye

Dharma – Plastic Doll

Diana Barton – Tango

Diana Est – Diamanti

Diana Est – Marmo Di Città

Digital Emotion – Go Go Yellow Screen

Digitalia – Gente Di Roma

Diviacchi – Waiting For Heaven

Do Piano – All The Time

Dorine Hollier – Tonight Crazy Night

Dudes – Nu-Shka!!

Duke Luke – Do You

Eddie Lopez – Island

Eminence – O.K. Challenger

Eugene – Livin’ In Your Love

Eva Nora – Ragazza Della Sera

Evans Fisher – You Set My Heart On Fire

F.R. David – Pick Up The Phone

Fabrizio Simoncioni – Susy Oh

Fancy – Bolero

Fast Karma – Nobody Helps

Fawzia – Please Don’t Be Sad

Filipponio – All’ Arrembaggio

Filipponio – Love Italiano

Finzy Kontini – Cha Cha Cha

Finzy Kontini – Clap Your Hands

Finzy Kontini – Hot Calypso

Fizzy – Secretary Love

Florence – Trading Love

Forbidden Fruits – Disco Halloween

Foster – Calypso Girl

Franco Serafini – Se Ti Va Cosi

Frank Paul & The Flames – She’s Got The Power

Fun Fun – Baila Bolero

Future State – Another Cabaret

G. J. Lunghi – Acapulco Nights

G. J. Lunghi – Honey Lender

G. G. Toner – Dedicated To Norbert Wiener

Gary Low – La Colegiala

Gazebo – I Like Chopin

Gazuzu – Go Go Gorilla

George G – Ibiza

Gim-Mix feat. Danielle Deneuve – Le Parisien

Gino – Everybody’s Chic

Green Ice – A Happier Time

Green Ice – Gigolo

Hally & Kongo Band – Africana Man

Happen DJ – Don’t Waste Your Time

Heather Parisi – Crilù

Helen – Tunis Tunis

Hildegard – Satanicamente

Hysterical Fit – Come And Make Me High

I Blagueur – Balla… No

Init – Another Man

International Music System – Dancing Therapy

Italian Boys – Forever Lovers

Iudy – Island Of The Sun

Iván – Baila

Iván – Fotonovela

Ivana Spagna – Easy Lady

Jackie Touché – Watch Out

Jessita – Maybe This Night

Joe Party – Ciao Amore

John Sauli – Sweet Conversations

Jonathan Gable – Central Park

Jules – You And Me

Jules Tropicana – Come On

Kaly – Empty Faces

Kashmir – I Want To Be

Kate Farrow – Pride And Lovers

Katy Gray – Hold Me Tight

Kazino – Binary

Kazino – Sahara Woman

Kel-Air & Band Band – Tuareg

Kelvyn Hallifax – White Boy In Europe

Kiki Gaida – Virginal Mystery

King King & D’Jungle – Lies

Koman Band – Cavrones

Kono – Cleopatra

L.A. Messina – Day Dream

La Bionda – I Wanna Be Your Lover

Lama – Nineteen Ninety Three

Larabell – I Can’t Stop

Laura Angel – If You Want

Le Jete – La Cage Aux Folles

Leyla – My Name Is Leyla

Lian Ross – Oh Won’t You Tell Me

Lustt – Pillow Talk

M Like Moon – Sunlight

Mac Jr – Elephant Song

Macho Gang – Naughty Boy

Mad Matrix – Men Alone

Manuela – I’m Crazy For You

Maracaibo Sliders – The Last Butterfly

Marc Flores – Magic Moment (Do It! Do It!)

Marcella Bella – Nell’Aria

Marina – Time For Us

Mark – Tropical Climate

Mark McDean – Italian Girl

Mark Tower – More More More

Mark Tower – You Aren’t Fall In Love

Martinelli – Cenerentola

Master & Co. – She Wanted To Go

Matisse – La Dolce Vita

Mauro – Buona Sera (Ciao Ciao)

Maxido – Touch Me Marinero

Medusa – Chocolate Boy

Merlina – Secret Night

Michael Bedford – More Than A Kiss

Michael Fortunati – Give Me Up

Mike Cannon – Stay

Mike Mareen – Love Spy

Mike Taiwan – Feeling Pains

Miko Mission – Streap Tease

Moltocarina – Hold On Me

Mono Band – Mr. Crusoe

Morgana – C’uest Cupidon

Moy – Somebody Smile

Mr. Black – Monnalisa

Mr. Zivago – Little Russian

Muriel Dacq – Tropique

My Mine – Hypnotic Tango

Mya & The Mirror – Hesitation

Nathalie – My Love Won’t Let You Down

Nilla Backman – New Day

Nite Club – Fantasyland

Nord-Est – Overnight

Norman – Let’s Go To The Beach

One System – Life Is Very Short

P.A.A.C. Society – Fantasy

Paciscopi – Love’s Harmony

Page 2 – Beat The Clock

Paolo Music – Disco Winter

Paradiso – Paradise Mi Amor

Passengers – Camping Paradise

Pat and Pats – Tobago

Pat & Bel – Without You

Patrizia Pellegrino – Automaticamore

Peppermint – Light A Light

Phil Sun – Dancing On The Beach

Pino D’Angio – E’libero Scusi (remix 85)

Pino D’Angio – Ma Quale Idea

Plastic Mode – Mi Amor

Primadonna – Flashing On The Floor

Primero – Oh Qué Calor

Priscilla – Save Your Love

Queen Martin – Shock

Queenie – Together We Belong

R. Bais – Dial My Number

Raffaella Carrá – Bolero

Ranko – Happy World

Rex Abe – I Can Feel It

Ric Fellini – Welcome To Rimini

Richard Romeo – Non Chalance

Ricky Maltese – Mama

Righeira – Jazz Musik

Robert Bravo – Love Me Like I Do

Roby Benvenuto – Gringo

Ross – Don’t Stop

Round One – In Zaire

Ryan Paris – Dolce Vita

Ryvon – Sing A Happy Song

Saby – Holidays

Sahara Band – Habibi

Samantha Gilles – Music Is My Thing

San Giovanni Bassista – Summer Sweat

Sandra Robinson – Music And Motion (Lonely Lovers)

Sandy – Sambao

Sandy & Cromo – I Can

Sandy Marton – People From Ibiza

Santoro – Lover Message

Sara Bells – Right Timing

Savage – Don’t Cry Tonight

Savage – Only You

Sensitive – Driving

Shah – Serenade

She Male – I Wanna Discover You

Shelly Brien – In The Night Time

Silver Pozzoli – Around My Dream

Silver Pozzoli – Chica Boom

Silvie Stone – Charming Prince

Sophie – Broken Tale

Stargo – Superman

Stefano Pulga – Welcome To Brazilia

Stefano Puviani – That’s A Wide World

Stephany – Look At Me

Stephany – Oh Che Calor

Stephany – Shake Your Body Ohp

Steve Allen – Lagoon Girl

Steve Allen – Letter From My Heart

Steve Allen – Message Of Love

Stragazanza – Hold Me On Your Heart

Styloo – Miss You

Sue Sadlow – I Will Find My Way

Swan – General Custer

Tango – Computerized Love

Taxeedo – Querido

Taxi – To Miami

The Family Number One – Lara De Bahia

The New York Models – Fashion

The Tutti Frutti Girls – Cin Cin

The Twins – Not The Loving Kind

The Voyagers – Distant Planet

Thinking Orange – Don’t Go To Parties In The Night

Time And Love – Tea For Two

Tipifini – Fever

Tom Dollar – Love Is Something

Tony Baron – Italian Dream

Tony Esposito – As Tu As

Tony Esposito – Kalimba De Luna

Tracy Spencer – Run To Me

Trixie – Love Has Flown Away

Two Girls – Another Boy In Town

Umberto Tabbi – Ciao Siciliano

Valerie Dore – King Arthur

Vanessa – Be My Lady

Venise – Roissy

Venus – Caballeros

Videokids – Woodpeckers From Space

Vikki Benson – Easy Love

Vita Sporca – Ma Dimmi Tu

Vivien Vee – Higher

Vlady Sherkane – Cha Cha Cha For You

Voices – Message On The Air

Wish Key – Last Summer

Yanguru – Give It Up

Yvonne Koomen – Last Night

Zeta – Eh Ah Oh

Zeta – Wonderin’ Why



*Actualizado el 3 de Mayo de 2019*

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